• Build Information & Technology Governance Capability

    Does technological change keep you awake at night?
    Does your board and C-Suite have the knowledge and skills to lead during digital disruption?
    Build agile thinking and IT governance capability across your board
  • We help your board and executive build digital capability

    Smart boards and executives know what digital disruption means to their sector and their business. Don't fly blind.
    Boards and executives must be capable of leading digital transformation. You have a duty of care responsibility.

    We help boards lead & govern digital transformation effectively.

  • Technology risk can strike with lightning speed.

    Board's cannot ignore or delegate Enterprise Technology Governance to management.
    There are at least six areas of strategic and technology risk that need close board oversight.
  • How can directors build digital capability?

    By analysing your board's current capability.
    By contacting EGC to develop a bespoke capability building program for your board.

Board professional development workshops

Many experienced directors and chairmen / women are concerned about how they can govern technology. Let EGC help demystify technology and its governance

Board structure and capability evaluations

How up-to-date is your nominating committee when it comes to strategy and technology? Does your audit and risk committee have the competency to oversee enterprise technology risk?

Learning resources

Take advantage of our engaging and interactive PDF learning module, to be up to date in Enterprise Technology Governance, and build knowledge about industry-changing trends.

Speaking and Presenting

Our practical but inspirational style leaves audiences with fresh ideas and helpful takeaways.

What new knowledge and skills do directors need?

The board’s role is changing in part because of technology. Their capacity and competence in this rapidly emerging area can have a profound impact on whether an organization creates value from technology investments and effectively oversees risk.

With a capable board, value creation is the result of strategic oversight done well. Boards should have the balance, depth and breadth of competencies, the influence, time and capability to think strategically, and lead value creation within the constantly changing digital economy. Their competency to lead and govern the strategic use of technology can be a game-changer.

Consider how your board uses governance processes to meet its duty of care. Reflect on how technology-related risk is treated, the priority it’s given, what percentage of cap-ex and op-ex relates to technology and how your board in general currently makes technology-related decisions.

Be honest. Could your board demonstrate that it has all taken the appropriate and reasonable care to understand the depth and breadth of technology opportunity and risk to make good decisions?

Many organizations still regard IT departments and technologies as intrusive expenses. The board leads this mentality and it can lead to some interesting and very costly outcomes.

Consider for a minute the leadership role of the board and the executive team in the many failed or blown out IT projects, especially in government departments. In this continued lack of focus on digital leadership from the board, opportunities for digital innovation and value creation are being missed.