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EGC breathes Lean, and revels in Agile.

If you have read "Why Lean Startup Changes Everything" by entrepreneur Wunderkind Steve Blank, you’ll have dipped your toe into the water of this incredibly fast and sucessful company building strategy that is turning the world of business on it's head.

Lean seeks to remove waste in both effort and time from the product development chain. Even fast-paced software development projects are moving away from using waterfall project management because of its rigidity and failure rate. They're using agile frameworks like Kanban and Scrum. Lean businesses are the success stories and the fortune 500 companies of this millenia. 

In using Lean, practitioners soon realise that current, accepted models of management and corporate governance can be too slow. When faced with a business that must pivot as the technological landscape changes 'lean and agile' at all levels, including the board is absolutely necessary.

EGC breathes Lean, and revels in Agile.

Find out about our exciting new concept of Rapid Risk Response, or contact us for a chat about how to make your board processes agile in key areas to reduce risk.