Enterprise Governance Consulting provides research, resources, consulting and professional development opportunities to chairmen, directors, governance committee members and senior management. We help you build on your existing governance knowledge or build new skills in governing enterprise technology. 


 Meet the team

Dr Elizabeth Valentine is Managing Director and Lead Consultant. She is an experienced chief executive, company director, international speaker and consultant, thought leader and governance researcher.
Michael Portman is Director and Senior Professional Development Consultant. He is an experienced digital change leader, digital designer and disruptive technology researcher.
Amber Haley is Director of Operations. She is an experienced Agile Coach, a champion for the importance of UX / UI design within business strategy, and a passionate advocate of Lean Startup practices.
Jan Thomas is Director of Product. He is an experienced strategist with a decade of experience in Lean and Agile product development, as well as a deep understanding of web and mobile technologies.